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Shasya Habib

Arabesque | Sky Rose Lavender

MYR59.00 MYR49.00

Arabesque Veils presents a captivating Middle Eastern Heritage-Inspired Hijab Collection that seamlessly merges tradition with contemporary flair. Each veil embodies the elegance and cultural richness of Arabesque design, featuring intricate patterns and luxurious fabrics that evoke a sense of timeless beauty.

With a nod to heritage motifs and craftsmanship, this collection offers a sophisticated range of 5 selections colors hijabs designed to empower women with both style and tradition.

Explore the artistry of Arabesque Veils and adorn yourself in pieces that celebrate cultural heritage while embracing modern expression, available both in Super Premium Cotton Voile & Luxe Satin Silk Fabric exclusively for you.

Material: Super Premium Cotton Voile & Luxe Satin Silk 
: Square / Bawal
: Bidang 47'
: High Quality Baby Seam

Design : Exclusive Custom Print by SH